Patrick Kirkland | ACD Copywriter
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AGENCY: THELADDERS (IN-HOUSE) has two lines of business: recruiters and job-seekers. We overhauled both from the ground up.


Rebrand as not just a job site, but a career site.

The refresh of was a huge undertaking that included all new strategy, UX, branding, user testing and tracking. With the new site, we unveiled a new tagline, “Your career is our job.”

We overhauled every piece of existing content. It was the perfect opportunity to blend voice-driven writing with some serious puzzle-solving skills. We created a handful of new products to build new relationships and created a seamless experience between recruiter and job seeker.  


A new tagline, new logo, new strategy, and new products, each with their own refreshed content, not only became the place to find the top $100K talent, but the top talent overall.