Patrick Kirkland | ACD Copywriter



I’m a born storyteller who loves to create original and compelling copy for your startup, advertising agency, web site and billion dollar brand.

I have 15 years experience working with top creative teams from coast to coast, both in-house and agency-side. My writing has been featured on several blogs, and in 2011, I wrote and published the #1 Bestseller on iTunes, “Confessions of a “Rape Cop” Juror.”

A student of narrative theory and structure, I use the elements of story to create strategy-based branding. I want to be persuasive, fun and emotional — but most of all, relatable. Audiences can’t enjoy the writing if they’re not along for the ride.


I’m looking for freelance agency opportunities as well as long-term relationships with startups and tech CEOs. If you need copy, content, or a good cup of coffee,  email me and let’s chat.