I have this theory: Good writing comes from the strength of the tale told.

I write comedy and drama. I write taglines and loglines. I write thousand word essays and two-thousand word chapters. I write headlines. Funny lines. Sad lines. And sometimes, bad lines.

I’ve worked on household names and startups. I write for the screen, the printed page, the TV, the movies, and for the web. And when all that’s done, I sit at my desk and write for myself.

I’ve been published on several blogs, have owned a weekly column, reached #1 on iTunes, and seen my name in the papers and journalists at my door (long story – but feel free to ask me about it).

I believed Mark Twain when he said, “I like a good story, well told. Which is why sometimes I have to write them myself.” And I wish I was that arrogant, though I sometimes like to try.

Patrick Kirkland



I’m an award-winning copywriter and storyteller with over 10 years experience in advertising, branding, digital strategy, and creative writing.

Available for Onsite or Offsite In LA, CA
Email: patrick(@)smokedink.com